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I often think, WHY do people go out and buy art that they can find on everyone elses walls? I can make you posters, fine art, modern, portraits, conservative, antique looking, black and whites, cars, sports pictures,...I could go on and on. Just think about it, don't you take pictures all the time? Wouldn't you like a painting of one of your favorite places you took a picture at? Hummmm...got you thinking didnt' I? Maybe you want purple flowers instead of the pink in the picture you took...maybe if that tourist was out of the picture it would be perfect. You would be very surprised what I can do with your photos. Like this snapshot I took in the mountains out east. The picture can be painted, or not, then printed on canvas or fine art paper and will last over 100 years. I can also frame it for you if you like. Contact me if your interested.